What is Addiction
When a person is unable to control the consumption of drugs, then the consumption of drugs takes the form of the disease.
Addiction is a mental illness
There is a change in the mind on long-term intoxication, which is not possible to cure without treatment.
It requires long treatment. Medication, Counselling and Social Reconciliation are necessary during treatment.
One needs to be very careful even after treatment as it is feared that it might resume again

Not an Addiction
If you drink a lot of Tea, Cold Drinks, it is not an addiction. Medical science does not see it as such. It is important to keep in mind that habit and addiction are two different things, usually, we keep these two types together. If someone has a habit of drinking tea every day in the morning and if he does not get tea, some people may have a headache, but there is no problem like insidiousness in the body. Similarly, if a person does not drink cold drink for two to four days, then he will not have any problem. If a person has an addiction and doesn’t get intoxication he won’t be able to survive a single day.

1. Using intoxicants for more than a year
2. An attempt to stop a drug or a limited use is always a failure or persistence of desire
3. Failing to fulfil responsibilities at office, school or home due to intoxication
4. Creating problems in relationships and distance of people
5. Abandon or greatly reduce the means of entertainment such as Sports, TV and Cinema
6. Use of drugs repeatedly despite having knowledge of physical or mental problems due to drug addiction
7. Increase its quantity continuously so that the effect of the drug is more

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